Serious Offence By Insulting And Defying The Agong- Baru Bian.

30 July 2021: Yesterday will go down in history as the day when the Yang di-Pertuan Agong, for the first time, issued a statement strongly rebuking a sitting Prime Minister.

Never before has a PM, a law minister and the Attorney-General intentionally gone against the wishes of the Agong, as occurred this week in Parliament, when it had been expressly intimated to them by the the Agong in their audience with him that the Emergency Ordinances should be debated in Parliament and consequently voted upon.

The PM, and by collective responsibility, the Cabinet, have committed a serious offence by insulting and defying the Agong in revoking the Emergency Ordinances without debating them in Parliament, as promised to the Agong.

By their actions and omissions, they have failed in their oaths to uphold and protect the Federal Constitution.

By extension, the GPS Cabinet members are equally guilty. No conscientious and honourable MPs should align themselves with this kind of Government.

No amount of covering a very grave sin pays off. The Law Minister and the PM in the context of the week’s events had intentionally misled Parliament and the whole country. The Bible verse says, “…Your sin will find you out” Numbers 32:23b.

The honourable thing for the PM and his whole Cabinet to do now is to resign. Otherwise, it is hard to imagine how the PM can face the Agong every Wednesday morning when he has his audience with the Agong.

It is even more difficult to fathom the PM’s intention when reading the statement issued by his office yesterday evening. It appears that the PM is refuting what the Agong had said.

Then question is this – is Mahiaddin Yassin actually saying that the Agong was not telling the truth? The Agong has absolutely no reason not to tell the truth.

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