Three Dangerous Hazard In Sarawak.

28 July 2021: The three Warriors from the same professional origins.With the completion of public service, life is still kicking and roaring for certain individuals due to the passion and burning desire to give and contribute their physical and interllectual experiences for the common good of society.

Thus, their journey shifted into the political arena with the belief and compassion of their capability to contribute in a noble way for the greater good of the people of Sarawak.

The three warriors that have committed their lives to betterment and supporting the spirit of independence through Parti Bumi Kenyalang – PBK namely:

  • Mr. Peter Asut…is a Lun Bawang who hails from the heartland of Lawas district. He is a Vice- President of Parti Bumi Kenyalang, a retired Senior Environmental Health Officer of Health Department Sarawak and Ministry of Health. He holds diploma in Environmental Health and has served in various capacities in Health Department for 38 years from 1980-2018.

Whilst in the government service, he has always been very close with the communities through the implementation and construction of rural water supplies, sanitary latrines and environmental sanitation programme. In addition, he was involved in the varied programmes of public health like food safety and quality, communicable diseases control and drinking water quality monitoring.

Mr. Peter Asut have also involved in various community services like being Deputy President of Health Inspectors Union Sarawak from 2013-2014. He was the Treasurer-General of the Lun Bawang Community Development Society Sarawak from 2017-2018.

Mr. Peter Asut joined Parti Bumi Kenyalang with the desire to uplift the rural communities or Dayaks that are still far behind in developments. He envisioned the noble vision of PBK that strives for Sarawak Independence.

  • Mr. Stel Datu…is a true-blood Iban who hails from Sri Aman. He has served in the Health Department Sarawak for 39 years in various capacities and positions. He retired as a Senior Environmental Health officer in 2019 managing and responsible for District Health Office Lubok Antu since 2012.

Mr. Stel Datu has been a great champion for the rural health sanitation programme and development since joining service in 1980. Mr. Stel Datu has served in various units and programmes of public health like: Dengue Control, Drinking water quality monitoring and rural environmental sanitation programme. From his diligent and hard work he has been awarded excellent service awards in 2002 and 2018. He is active in varioud communities associations and is also a member of PEDAS- an NGO.

  • Dr. Richard Ibuh…hails from the humble Kelabit Village of Long Lellang in upper Akah River. He has served in the Health Department and Ministry of Health for over 34 years from 1976-2010, in various technical, professional and management capacities at the district, division, state and Putrajaya KL. Raised and coming from humble arduous beginning and by the grace of God, he has gone through various challenges, opportunities and experiences in education, public service and academic institutions that has been a great a great fulfillment of his life.

Nonetheless, the burning and strong desire to contribute back to society has driven him to be involved in politic through Parti Bumi Kenyalang (PBK). He has written nemuerous academic books and technical and research papers that potrays his fields of interest and passions and curiousity. He has been awarded many service excellence awards and was a Model Officer by the Ministry of Health in 1991. He has recieved two state awards as well.

During his long public service, he has involved in various associations and NGOs such as Red Cresent, Sarawak Medical Club, Football Refree Assocation Bintulu, Northern Region Writers Association, Health Inspectors Service Union, Malaysian Environmental Health Association and Village Development Committe Long Atip.

He strives towards the spirit of the Quest of Independence for self-governance and sovereignty of Sarawak as a nation as envisage by his Parti Bumi Kenyalang.


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