Tapak Megah the future site for PGA,ATM & IMMIGRATION- James Masing.

12 July 2021: We were at Tapak Megah the future site for PGA, ATM & IMMIGRATION office in Bukit Mabong District. It is 265km from Kapit town , 20km from the Sarawak-Indonesian border.

Accompanying me were YB Datuk Wilson Ugak, MP for Hulu Rejang, DCP PDRM Sarawak, Tuan Mancha Ata, PGA Commander Saini, Timbalan Resident Kapit Galong, DO Bukit Mabong & Kapit, Douglas Pungga & Crisologo and sec MDK Jabang plus JKR & L&S.

These sites have been approved by relevant agencies. Construction will began when accessibility to Tapah Megah (TM1) are done. My ministry, MIPD, is now designing the road access. However, temporary buildings are now in progress.

TM1 construction is urgent because the Indonesian Capital will move to Kalimantan in 6 years time where 3 million Indonesian will also move. This area is only 450km from the Indonesian capitol!

The construction is important for our border security as the past few months several Pendatang Tanpa Izin have been caught along our Sarawakian borders.- Yb Tan Sri Datuk Amar Dr James Masing.

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