Side Effects Of The Various Vaccines.

11 July 2021: As more people around the globe are inoculated against Covid-19, scientists seem to be learning more about the side effects of the various vaccines.

Norwegian women in particular have been reporting an unusual side effect across social media after receiving the Pfizer jab.

The phenomenon was first reported on TikTok by a 17-year-old user called Emma, who claimed that after two weeks her breasts had grown by a full cup size.

The video went viral, with many women commenting that they had experienced a similar adjustment following the jab.

Medical professionals advised that it wasn’t a breast enlargement, but that around 10% of women who received the Pfizer vaccine would experience swollen lymph nodes under the arms, which would push the breasts forward and make them appear larger.

The Norwegian office of Pfizer claimed that there were no such side effects listed in the patents for the vaccine, though they did not discredit the link between the vaccine and the de facto enlargement.

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