James Masing confident Sarawak will achieve its 80% herd immunity by August.

5 July 2021: While I was in Bakun, I met with a group of KKM vaccinaters, led by Dr. Peter Ronald Anak Bihos who had just vaccinated people who reside at the upper reaches of Bakun reservoir lake.

YB Tan Sri Datuk Amar Dr James Masing.

About 80 people were vaccinated in the last 2 days by the group.

In spite of the vast distance they covered in the last 2 days, the team looked fresh with smiles on their faces.

If what the Bakun KKM team showed while doing their outreach vaccination, is a reflection of the rest in Sarawak KKM teams while carrying out their tasks.

I am confident that Sarawak will achieve its 80% herd immunity by August 21, provide KL gives us the vaccines they promised.

For Sarawak its not a question of money! We have the money to purchase the neccesary vaccines. The question is: Will KL allow us to get or buy the required vaccines that Sarawak need?

I hope politics will not be the factor by KL, in keeping Sarawakians safe during this deadly Covid-19 pandemic!

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