Focus On Those Worst Affected By COVID-19 Recession. -Yb Datok Willie Mongin.

3 July 2021: As promised by our federal government recently where all MPs including the opposition will be allocated an amount of RM300,000 to implement the Food Basket Aid for those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

I had duly received the fund yesterday from the Sarawak State Federal Development Office (SDO).

Last year (2020), Our service centre have given 17,380 households (KIR) food parcel to those affected.

This year, since January 2021 we have we have handover approximately 3529 food parcel assistance to those under quarantine, villages that lockdown and hardcore poor group.

For this newly disburse RM300K, we have to be realistic by taking consideration of our big areas where we have more than 20,000 registered households (KIR). Frankly, with this RM300,000 we can only cover 3000 KIR.

So, we will have to manage this allocation wisely and to assist any many KIR as we can. I personally am grateful for this allocation.

It is better than nothing cause I know all MPs are trying to fulfil the cry of their folks at best they can.

In my constituency, We have a team to get things done in place, but first we must have our target groups.

Among our target groups are those family under :1.Covid-19 quarantine family 2.Hardcore Poor (registered under E-Kasih), 3.B40 Group 4.Those whom lost their Job (Must show evidence lost of income) 5.Those that really need food assistance (White flag Category)

We often peruse the list of applicants who seek for food basket aids so as to avoid any repeats help for the justice of many who had not gotten their portion.

So far we are compiling the list from community leaders, JKM, NGO and direct request to our service centre.

As a matter of fact, all MPs had been provided by the SDO a list of specific item that is suitable for the food basket aids that comes under the package of PEMULIH.

Each food basket should amount to RM100 which includes the costs of transport and wrappings. Bearing in mind the topography of P198 Puncak Borneo can be costly compared to other areas such as the urban.

So, for the food basket aids that comes from my office P198, one pax (KIR) we proposed a basket of the following items:-

i. 10kg Rice – 1 bag
ii. 425g of Sardine fish – 1 can
iii. 285g of Curry Chicken – 1 can
iv. 428g of Cream Crackers biscuit – 1 pack
v. 3 in 1 Milo – 1 pack
vi. Maggi Noodles x 5’s – 3 packets

It’s really sad for me to witness the troubles and hardship of all these folks especially the elderly and children in the village.

Looking at the worsening health crisis this days, the people’s needs and the economy should definitely take priority and precedence over everything else.

The assistance of RM300,000 to all MPs is a great help which enable us to lighten the burden of many in fulfilling the needs and assistance required by our beloved people.

So I hope, all of you understand the predicament and limited financial funding that we have. We strive to do our level best to assist those badly affected by this Covid19.

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