National Recovery Plan- Rafidah Aziz.

15 June 2021: COMMENTS on the so called National Recovery Plan.

NOTHING ABOUT STRATEGIES moving forward for the Nation.WHILE Covid Pandemic is being managed.

The Government must adopt the PREEMPTIVE APPROACH in Planning for National Rcovery, and select issues which can even be Implemented NOW while Covid 19, is being managed, and hopefully curtailed.

Rafidah Aziz,Former Minister of International Trade and Industry.

THE RECOVERY PLAN SHOULD. FOCUS among other things, on :–
1. Economic Sectors, such as
2. Education,
3. Key Industries,
4. TAX Treatment to help cut costs, moving forward and to compete.

Education,the need to REVIEW the DELIVERY of EDUCATION, at all stages of the Education Infrastructure , in line with new Post Covid Imperatives

Health related issues resulting from Stresses Of Covid affecting Families, Mental Health.

HOW TO Reintegrate the Nation , especially the Economy, into Regional and Global markets and Economies

How to address ANY LOSSES resulting from Education and Work shutdowns for the last 15 months.

HOW TO mitigate them, by having measures to assist Schools, and the various Business Sectors.

Plans to ENHANCE IT and Related IT based it now being made imperative GLOBALLY Education System, for SMEs , and all along the various Production Value Chains.

To REVIEW existing Laws Regulations, Rules, Procedures…Resulting from the Experiences during the Lockdowns.

PROPER and more Effective Delegation of Authority for Decision making to The State Governments and to District level Officials.NOT from Ministry HQs.

HOW TO provide employment opportunities , especially amongst those Retrenched due to Closures of businesses.

Introduce TAX breaks etc , to encourage employment, introduction of Relevemt IT processes, and making adjustments for the New Normal Market Environment.

We NEED to move forward to look BEYOND COVID.
LET THE MoH concentrate on Covid MANAGEMENT.

The Rest of the Government must add Value to the National Recovery Plan.

Consulting their respective Stakeholders, and Coming up WITH REALISTIC, EFFECTIVE,IMPLEMENTABLE, and that will MOVE MALAYSIA FORWARD..NOT allowing drips- and – drabs ” policies to confuse further.

And beyond today, next week , or next month !

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