James Masing kehilangan adik akibat Covid-19.

3 June 2021: YB Tan Sri Datu Amar Dr James Masing meluahkan rasa sedih atas kehilangan andiknya akibat dijangkiti Covid-19.

Gambar terakhir James Masing bersama adiknya di Rantau Penora.

“Today, I had to bury my younger brother. It was so hard to only be able to see from a distance as they lowered the wrapped coffin into the ground as we were not allowed to go near the gravesite.

Covid should be taken seriously. The pain of losing someone that you could not hold or see for the last time is unbearable. Everyone must be aware of how dangerous this pandemic is. The sooner we get vaccinated, the better it is.

This was our last picture taken at Rantau Penora.

Rest In Peace, Dear Brother”. – Luahan rasa sedih YB Tan Sri Datu Amar Dr James Masing.

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